Sicilian Blonde Orange Marmalade with Brandy

 Sicilian Blonde Orange Marmalade with Brandy

This Sicilian orange marmalade is an entirely handmade product of an vivid orange colour, aromatic and delicate thanks to the essential oils of this fruit which are mixed with the pulp just before the end of the cooking.
Delicious if tasted alone and can be also used for preparing sweets like chocolate pudding, crepes or with a second course such as duck and orange or a carrè of pork.
Excellent with mature cheese

Ingredients: Fresh oranges, sugar, zest of
fresh oranges, juice of fresh lemons, Brandy
(0.8%) Gelling agent: fruit pectin.

fresh red oranges, brown sugar, fresh orange peel, fresh lemon juice, rum (0.8%), gelling agent: fruit pectin.
For 100 g. of finished product: fruit 79 g. total sugars 58 g.


Net weight: 370g

keep in a cool dry place. Once open keep in fridge


Origine: SICILIA. Prodotto in Via Garibaldi - 92016 RIBERA (AG) ITALIA

9,85 € tax incl.

400 gr


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