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About us

 Morandini de Castro is a young company created upon a wide experience in worldwide commerce and 100 % customer oriented.“We are convinced that the difference in a product is made by the people behind it.

Helga de Castro (1974) co-founder and Alma mater of the company studies Economics & Marketing in Bilbao ( Spain). She starts working for British Airways ( Uk) very soon and develops a deep passion for travelling, and Fine food. After 4 years she moves into a Japanesse Company and this will be the turning point of her life. She mets her future husband in a flight coming back from Japan and after 6 months she moves to Milano to attend a Master in Marketing Management. A few years later together with her Husband Davide Morandini founds Morandini de Castro. The passion for wine and Fine food becomes a real job. 

 They live in a 600th century palace in the center of Verone with her daughter Ginevra.

Why Morandini de Castro?

How many times have we chosen a product thrilled by it´s beatiful package or have been mislead by a convenient price and find out afterwards it was not what we were hoping for? Travelling around the world we've come to realize that it was too difficult for foreign costumers to recognize amongst a huge variety of gourmet products the right one to bring home. Italy is the crudle of the high cuisine and nobody was paying attention to the products “appealling”. Italians tend to think the product itself is enough. Unfortunatelly No more in nowadays. People wants to start “the experience” since the very beging. People needs to get in love with the product.

What do we offer?

 Morandini de Castro offers a selection of the best Italian Products, such as home-made pasta, parmessan from the Apenins, Balsamic Vinegar from Reggio Emilia, the famous Sicilian jams and others. All our products are produced in artisan- familyrun labs, mostly Organic and IGP/DOP, are part of the Presidio Slow food.Our aim is to extract the prime essence of Italy by choosing the best of our Gastronomic panorama. Every product follows an strict Quality control ( HACCP) to assure the “excellence” to the Market.

The packaging

Needless to say the importance of the packaging for our brand. Having worked in the luxury market, Helga loves to care about every single project in person. She dress up every product to enhance their value, and involve the customer in a “gourmet experience” “a love at first sight”.

Our Philosophy

Morandini de Castro is a new fresh brand with important values such as Quality, professionality and human relationships because Italy is the land of human Nature as an american writter says in the 50th years.Because we rapresent what Italy rapresent in the Collective imagination: Passion, sensuality, scents, taste, colour, design and light.

Our motto

 There are 60 million people in Italy, all different and all Unique.This authentic Italian Brand shows their true character, expression and emotion”


Morandini de Castro is a guarantee of artisan top quality.