Squid Ink SAUCE

Squid Ink SAUCE


Ingredients:Pachino IGP tomato sauce (72%), squid (10%), triple concentrated tomato, white wine, onion, squid ink (4%), chopped salted anchovies, olive oil, sugar, Sicilian sea salt, chilli pepper, basil, parsley.

Allergens: fish. May contain traces of  nuts, shellfish, milk, celery.

Net Weight: 200g


Origine. SICILIA. Via Marzamemi, 12, 96018 Marzamemi SR

Keep in a cool and dry place , away from heat sources. Once opened keep in fridge and consume within 4 days


Tomatoes, swordfish, eggplants, extra virgin olive oil, white wine, natural herbs, sea salt.
Excellent  with  Spaghetti! perfect by adding 500g of mussels



Excellent  with  Spaghetti! perfect by adding 500g of mussels





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