Ragout Amberjack SICILY

Ragout Amberjack SICILY


Ragout Amberjack SICILY
Ingredients: Tomato pulp 80%, 9% Amberjack, olive oil, capers, parsley, pepper, raisins, white wine, salt.
Excellent with pasta plates served with pasta. Heat 3 min

Ragout Amberjack SICILY


Excellent with pasta piati based on pasta. Heat  during 3 min.

Ingredients:Pachino IGP tomato sauce (79%), greater amberjack fish (9%), triple tomato concentrate, white wine, onion, capers, sugar, olive oil, sultanas, parsley, basil, chilli pepper, Sicilian sea salt.

Allergens:  fishc. May contain traces of fish, nuts, shellfish, milk, celery.

net weight: 200g


Origine. SICILIA. Via Marzamemi, 12, 96018 Marzamemi SR

Keep in a cool and dry place , away from heat sources. Once opened keep in fridge and consume with 4 days.



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